21 Jul 2010


Well I've decided to do it -  but please remember this is a first time for me so please be gentle LOL; I have looked from afar and decided today was the day I would sharemy desk and post on WOYWW my craft room and desk are an horrendous mess, I've not had much time to craft lately so I quickly pop into my crafty space and play but just don't have time to clear up and everything has been piled up everywhere even the floor - no I am not brave enough to show all my room!! remember this is my first time lol; on my desk you will see the latest thing I made which was a tag for Hels challenge on Sunday Stampers and left overs from other playtimes.

Bye for now


  1. Hi Maggie, thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you decided to take the plunge, it's good for the soul to show your desk in all it's glory LOL The tag looks lovely what I can see of it - will pop back to main page to see if I can see the original post for it
    Anne xx

  2. Welcome to the world of WOYWW Maggie - good to see you - Jacqueline xx

  3. It's great you decided to join in and looks like there's a lot of creativeness going on.

    See you next week!


  4. Not too bad at all - I love mess and this is relatively tidy :D

    The tag's looking good...

  5. So glad you plucked up the courage to join in - its such a friendly supportive group of wonderful crafters - you will really feel at home - and don't be shy - we love a good rummage round your shelves and drawers!!

  6. I LOVE new desks to ogle at ... simply LOVE them! I hope you read the small print ... once you have joined in ... you have to join in every week from now until the end of time ... with no respite either ... we like to come on holiday with you too :0) Doh! I almost forgot ... Welcome :0)

  7. Welcome, welcome to WOYWW. I bet you'll love it here. Sometimes we need to craft and not clean, especially when we are very busy. So glad you got brave and joined us.

  8. Hi Maggie
    a warm welcome to WOYWW its great to snoop around your desk, have good day, sue,x

  9. Welcome to the mad house otherwise known as WOYWW. Love your desk but what is it that looks like a baby's bottle with a red top on?


  10. Ooh your desk is so organised, am going to have to get my act together before I can show mine. Annette x

  11. Well I can't see anything wrong with your room. It looks quite normal to me.
    Luv Joanne xx

  12. Thanks so much for the welcome will try and look at as many desks as possible and join in until the end of time; lol
    Cath the bottle with a red top on is a spray bottle I use for misting water onto DI inks etc; no babies here!!


  13. Welcome to WOYWW Maggie! See, it's not so scarey! And good grief, you may feel your space is untidy and unloved because of your real life, but believe me, it just looks great to me. I see you have one or tweo ink pads....look forward to seeing more of your projects.

  14. One busy lady, Iv'e only just joined - you'll love it. There is a lot going on.

  15. Welcome to WOYWW! Lovely things going on, on your desk, and more TH inks! I must get more of those! This is very addictive, so see you next week!!
    Have a crafty WOYWW

  16. Ohh lovely industrious look on your desk today !!

  17. Hi Maggie,

    I've found everyone to be incredibly nice and supportive and there are people out there that you just click with - it's fab, your desk is very interesting -


  18. Welcome to the WOYWW madness. It's really addictive so you will be back :-)
    A x

  19. Love your space and all that's on it. Thanks for sharing.

  20. It's great that you decided to join everyone!
    The weekly exposition will probably have one of two effects a) you'll become blase about a few things lying around and won't worry a toss about it or b) you'll become uber tidy.
    Probably you'll just be yourself!

  21. Glad you joined the WOYWW, its a great way to look forward to the middle of the week. Your desk looks very busy. Sorry for the late comments, bklogger and I have had some problems


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