8 Dec 2011

Special Visitor

Look who came to visit me today.................NO not Santa...................but a wildlife friend
Photo not so good as I had to take through window and stay away so he didn't see me! He was looking for dinner as we have pheasants come here everyday he could smell them and was following their path.............not surprisingly I haven't seen any pheasants today ...........they are too clever for Mr Fox or it could have been Mrs...lol!!

I feel so privileged to see the large array of wildlife I get in my garden or just in the field adjacent copious amounts of birds come to the feeders and I have also been soooooo close to a Barn Owl as he flew past me one night ......it was amazing!

No crafting today just shopping cleaning mine and Mom's........exhausted now!!
DH just come in cold and wet so off to cook dinner.  Wind howling and rain lashing so will light fire and sit by roaring log fire with feet up watching telly....might write some Christmas cards....might!

Bye for now


  1. Lovely photo, thanks for sharing! Valerie

  2. Write some cards for me while you're at it Maggie! That's my task for tomorrow, once my tag's made of course! Lol! Love your little visitor, great photo! x

  3. Great shot! Love your little visitor, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Super photo Maggie and love your take on the tags :)
    Von x


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