23 Jan 2013

Snow Snow ....................

............and more Snow

Wow I woke this morning to a winter wonderland we have had about 4" overnight we are lucky not to have to go out so having a snow day today, still in PJs but aim to go into my craft room later thought I would share with you my favourite photo's of the birds that have been flocking to our feeders during the snowy days and such antics have made us smile.  We even had a fox do a walk by and look into the windows yesterday.....



longtail tits arn't they soooooo cute
taken yesterday as the snow was melting!!!!
'till next time stay safe and warm....if you are snowed in enjoy a crafty day....snowing here again..

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  1. Lovely photos, the birds are really hungry just now. I have 4 magpies which visit me daily, and eat every scrap of food I put out! Valerie


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