26 Jul 2013

T is for..............

Hi from sunny Cornwall just a short post today while I have WiFi signal for my Altered Dictionary page for the Craft Barn challenge which is the letter "T".  my page is predictable I'm afraid 2 things made the page, 1 this was the only stamp I had with me that fitted....and 2nd I have drunk more of this than ever over the last few weeks..... so my word choice is Tea

Distress markers were used to stamp with and colour around tea cups love this stamp it is from Artistic Outpost collection first time it has been inked!!!   Very quick page with limited time and supplies just had to make sure I didn't the challenge.  Will pop by and have a look at all the entries as and when I get a signal.

St Ives Beach
 St Ives is just one of the places we have visited I love to mooch around all the little streets and shops lots of inspiration  and beautiful views... have to admitted it was a little busy for me but then we usually are not here in the peak holiday season.
Until next time
by for now


  1. Great pages and lovely pics of St Ives! Valerie

  2. Oh what else could "T" be for other than tea itself - LOL Great stamp and lovely colourful pages. BJ

  3. Terrific page Maggie and great pics of Cornwall. Haven't been there for years but always enjoyed it when we did go.

    Love Chrissie x

  4. I had to laugh, predictable - why would you take a tea and teacup stamp set on holiday? You english eh! Lovely page and great effort especially since you are on holiday. Keep enjoying yourself with or without copious cups of tea.

  5. Well done you! I really admire people who manage to enter while on their holiday and with limited supplies! Julie Ann x

  6. Great choice for T - I love tea myself.
    Love photos!

  7. Good page Maggie, there are so many to choose from with T! I love St Ives, and haven't been there for years.

    Carol x

  8. It's a lovely page, both the cup stamp and the texture stamp are great and I love the colours too.

  9. You can't beat a good cuppa! Great shots of St Ives too. Hope you had a good holiday. MMx

  10. Great choice of word, love the cups and the tea stamp, fabulous page with limited crafting materials. Hope you enjoy your holiday Cornwall is a beautiful destination.

    Sylv xx

  11. A lovely page with a great vintage feel to it. Personally I can't stand tea but I like your pages! Claire x

  12. Beautiful page (and pictures) I like how you stamped the cup in several colours
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn,


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