28 Apr 2010


Alter It Monthly are a new challenge blog which I came across quite by chance (as you do).  I am a beginner at Altered Art and thought why not join in!!
So here is my very first post, my very first altered matchbox on my very new blog :)
I love to beachcomb and  I always come away with a pocket full of shells and bits and pieces, so I thought I would make a place to keep my Seaside Treasures.  Yes that is real sand including bits of seaweed inside the shell at the back which was in the bag with the shells.  Hope you like my efforts.
Looking forward to the next challenge "Tin Pan Ally".  I have my tin at the ready just need some inspiration
and off we go again.

Bye for now


  1. Ahha! lol.. here we are...
    I will repeat what I said as I feel it should be said next to this lovely box...
    Well done! you may be new to altered art , but it would seem your a natural.. i love this little box. it oozes fresh sea breezes and the cry of gulls...
    thank you for taking part maggie :) see you in may ;)

  2. Thank you for joining in on our matchbox challenge. As Zuzu said you may be new to Altered Art, but what an entry you have made, just love your seaside treasure, look forward to seeing you in may.

  3. This is lovely, a real treasure

  4. Great matchbox. It's definitely the sort of thing sea nymphs would keep their treasures in!

  5. love your view point on art, i love creating everyday, too!


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