26 Oct 2012

A Little Doodle......

Week #4 Calendar Page

The challenge for week #4 at The Craft Barn Calendar Challenge is to doodle.

 I have not had any time for crafting this week so last night I sat and doodled onto some paper as I didn't have a background ready.    Nothing came to mind so I attached the Calendar and
just let the doodles come, I always end up doodling when I'm on the phone  and all my  doodles always come out as butterflies and flowers.....

....... well no change there then lol.

Certainly has been a challenge this week for me to make anything so pleased that I managed to complete my 4th calendar page......hopefully next week will be a better crafting week......

'till next time


  1. I love the butterfly doodles set off by the doodle framing and the wonderful background colours.

  2. I am so envious of people who can doodle so well. I just never seem to be able to 'let go' sufficiently to allow the pen to go where it wants. Great page.

  3. Ha ha love your one track butterfly and flowers mind. Makes for a great background to the calendar, and a flower for every day of the week.

  4. Love your doodling Maggie!The butterfly on the left is gorgeous. Great idea to go round the calendar part too.

  5. Yeah I'm the same ,flowers and boxes are my thing but great doodling especially that butterflies! x

  6. So beautiful doodles, I would'nt be able to do that !! Bravo Maggie. Have a nice Sunday, Coco x

  7. Lovely card! ...and the doodles did arrive! I really like that frame around the calendar dates!

  8. From the look of your doodles, you spend far too much time on the phone...:)

  9. Thanks you all so much for your lovely comments DH would agree about spending a lot of time on the phone......lol

  10. Wonderful butterflies. Love that you let the doodles be in focus.

  11. Wonderful doodling Maggie, the butterflies are gorgeous! xx

  12. Lovely doodles indeed and great calendar page.
    Thanks for playing with us.


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