8 Dec 2010

BRRRR..... Freezing weather Poor birds

Feeding the Birds

We have taken pity on the pheasants that appear at our house every morning and more and more are coming each day in this freezing weather so I thought you may like to see some pics taken this morning out of the kitchen window DH braved the cold at 6.30am -6  before work to take out the feed.  Photos are not as clear as they should be .....think the windows want cleaning no chance when there is so much crafting to be done LOL. 

Total count of pheasants this morning was 11 2 male and the rest females

Even the Blackbird got some breakfast he was soon there

Have to go and defrost car hope it starts we are off to see grandson in school play today Ahhhhh cant wait I'm so excited. 

Bye for now

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