8 Dec 2010


Have only shown my desk once here so thought in a moment of madness I would join in today this is how it looked as I walked in to my room of craft this morning!  What you can't see is the floor - no  you can't see the floor I had to pick my way in between stash I had pulled out last night and left there!!!
As you can see it is untidy although I like to think creative more than messy you will see some of the 12 tags of Christmas propped up and drying as I left them last night no point clearing away as I will be making today's tag later hopefully - have you looked yet it is my favourite to date I love Santa in his sleigh.

Bye for now


  1. Positively creative - not messy at all!

    Happy WOYWW - Sheena #80

  2. No, I never show my floor, well, you can't see it, it covered in everything! Very productive!! Have a Happy WOYWW!

  3. Looking good - son't worry about the floor - we can't see it!

  4. I don't see any mess either, looks very busy and creative this week. I've been loving Timmy's tags but haven't made any due to lack of supplies and time.

    Brenda 83

  5. thanks for the crafty snoop maggie...what a busy desk...hugs kath xxx No 47

  6. Looks like there's lots going on! I couldn't zoom in on your picture for a closer look, so I'll just have to screw my eyes up a little!

  7. I wouldn't consider your desk messy at all, looks like you use it! Nice creative space.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  8. I also have the saying a messy desk is a creative desk.Love all your tags hun,im way behind will get there and show case them all at once!
    hugs judex#6

  9. Well where else you gonna put stuff? I thought that's what floors were for. Plus, Timmy's in the house!!!

  10. Gorgeous colours on those tags, and I think you look pretty tidy. After all, who wants to look at the floor!

    Bernie #81

  11. I DON'T SEE MESS, BUT IT WAS HARD TO DRAG MY EYES FROM THAT TOWER OF LOVELY INK PADS!Sorry, caps by accident! Like the poinsettia thing you have in progress, how nice.


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